Pole Care. 250ml



Pole Lubrication Fluid- for Maintenance of water fed poles and gutter poles ,for a cleaner and faster pole

Pole Care :  250ml Bottle

Penetrates, lubricates & protects.



Displaces rain/seawater and moisture from metal surfaces (i.e. garden tools), ignition systems (inc. automotive and marine) and moving parts.

Removes dirt and grime and protects against rust and corrosion. Also removes crayon marks, gum, adhesives and tar from most surfaces.

Usage Instructions

  • To penetrate rusted joints:
    Spray and leave for a moment before continuing work. Repeat if necessary.
  • To protect metal:

Do not wipe off after applying. Allow to dry to leave protective coating.

  • To protect Carbon poles:

Spray or wipe onto surface remove excess with a clean cloth, dries within seconds and leaves a protective film

Formulated from a blend of petroleum distillates


Physical State:           Amber Liquid

Specific Gravity:        0.96 gms/cc

Solubility in water:     Immiscible

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