Dilution rates depend on your tap water TDS.

If the tds of your tap water is:

  • 0 – 200 ppm then add 1ml to 100 litres of pure water
  • 201 – 300 ppm then add 2 ml to 100 litres of pure water
  • 301 – 400 ppm then add 3ml to 100 litres of pure water
  • 401+ ppm then add 4 ml to 100 litres of pure water

** IMPORTANT ** Add to your water AFTER the purification and DI process.

Using the pipette add 1ml – 4ml of added Sparkle to every 100 litres of pure water. We have found the easiest way to do this is as follows:

If you use a 25 litre trolley system then just add 1ml – 4ml to 1litre of pure water, give a slight shake then pour 250 ml into a container then pour that into your barrel. This way you have enough for 4 x 25 litre barrels.

If you have a tank in your van, add 1-4 ml for each 100 litres every time you fill, it doesn’t have to be exact

Keep away from children and do not drink
MSDS can also be found HERE


  • Been using this for over 6 months now - speeds up cleaning, helps remove stubborn stains and does genuinely leave a magic sparkle- great product.

    I Fisher. Glasgow
  • Been using Added Sparkle for some time now, I cant believe the results, makes my working day so much easier. Brilliant product.

    A Laidlaw. Bucks
  • Since using 'added sparkle ' I have really noticed a difference with an improved finish as the run off is quicker and you move on to the next window without worrying about spotting or if it's leaching away from the top of the pane. I originally bought this product to help with working on hot sunny days but I now add it to the tank each day. Its a small price to pay for a better clean.

    B Cole. Northhampton
  • Speeded my day up considerably, able to get 2 more houses in my working day, and use less water.

    W Davies. Cardiff